Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Caroline Manzo Gets a Smooch From Daughter Lauren and Lindsey Andrews

It may have taken the Manzo ladies a bit of time to warm up to Albie’s girlfriend, Lindsey Andrews, but now that Lindsey works at Lauren’s store, Cafface, and is getting close with Caroline Manzo, there’s no turning back.

Sure, Caroline wasn’t too thrilled with the idea that Lindsey was moving into her son’s Hoboken home (which she accidentally learned on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey), but she’s clearly embraced Albie’s gal with open arms.

On August 11 Lauren tweeted, “Love little miss Lindsey @CarolineManzo” alongside a picture of Caroline getting a kiss on each cheek from Lauren and Lindsey.

Looks like there’s plenty of love to go around with this bunch. Wish we could say the same for the Giudices!