Credit: Andrei Jackamets Photo: Caroline Manzo Looks Interested

It’s been a long time since Caroline Manzo and her little sister Dina Manzo have gotten along, and now Caroline is making a promise about their feud.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live last month, Caroline vowed to keep her disagreements with her sister private, telling the camera directly, “What happened between me and Dina is just a matter of people having differences of opinion in what life should be. I love my sister dearly, I love my parents to death.”

She continued, “You will never see this play out on reality television, you will never see this play out in the public eye because, I respect my parents entirely too much to inflict this hurt on them. So you can beat me up, call me whatever the hell you want to call me, it’s for my parents. You will never see it and the only way we can heal is personal and without the public eye.”

Watch for the rest of Caroline’s thoughts on Dina below! Do you think she will keep her promise? Vote below!

Credit: Bravo Photo: Caroline Manzo Makes a Very Important Promise on Watch What Happens Live (VIDEO)