Credit: STILL

During The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4, many thought that Teresa Giudice was the “craziest” H’wife, and based on intel from Season 5, it doesn’t look like that’s changing anytime soon.

However, as many issues as they’ve had, Caroline Manzo still jumped to Tre’s defense recently. While answering a few fan questions during press for her new book, Let Me Tell You Something, Caroline explained that Teresa isn’t necessarily crazy — it’s just how people perceive her.

“It's a matter of perception. There are people that adore Teresa, and understandably so. There are people that adore me; there are people that dislike me,” she dished. “It's not easy being on a reality show. It's not easy dealing with again the public perception of who you are and being in situations that are often uncomfortable.”

To her, that means that the “craziest” person can change from year to year — even her!

“You know, Teresa's ‘crazy’ this year, but Caroline could be ‘crazy’ next year! Who knows,” she said. “I can't answer that question — you're gonna have to ask Teresa why she's crazy this year! Could be me next year — you never know.”

Well, here’s to hoping that neither ladies are crazy this year. Maybe the group therapy at Lake George will help everyone.

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