Credit: Mitchell Haaseth /Bravo ©Bravo Photo: Danielle Staub

When Danielle Staub was spotted in New York’s Rockefeller Center last week after taking a meeting with Bravo exec Andy Cohen, we wondered if the former star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was trying to get back on the show.

Unfortunately, TMZ reports that RHoNJ’s producers have zero interest in Danielle returning. A network source told TMZ that Danielle — who was initially fired from the show in 2010 — left such a “bad taste” in producer’s mouths that there is “no way” they want her to rejoin the cast for Season 5.

Apparently Andy was only meeting with Danielle to keep the lines of communication open, should another project suit her in the future. He’s a smart man, that A. Co!

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Source: TMZ