Credit: Turgeon/Rocke/Splash News Photo: Jill Zarin Shows Off Her Rings on January 4, 2012

Bethenny Frankel had a particularly rough episode this week on Bethenny Ever After, and it looks like one of her former Real Housewives of New York co-stars was revelling in some of her own schadenfreude. Or was she?

Jill Zarin tweeted in the middle of the episode, "I'm watching a TV show realizing how lucky and grateful I am to be married to Mr. Bobby Zarin, the love of my life, my biggest supporter."

Sure, no direct threats or references to Bethenny, but the episode did center around B's rocky relationship with Jason and the couple's trust issues surrounding her recent financial success. So might Jill have been rubbing in the fact that at least she had a secure marriage? Fans think so.

"We aren't complete idiots! You were referring to [Bethenny]!" one follower shot back at Jill's tweet.

Jill clarified, "No I was NOT watching @bethenny show..BUT I was watching TIVO @drphil but WHAT HAPPENED on her show that brought such strong reaction?" 

She later added, "Now I know why a few people thought I was talking about @bethenny. Very sad episode. I wish I could express myself without being judged.."

While Saint Jill preached from her pulpit, Bethenny stayed out of the Twitter war for the most part. Only when a fan asked if she thought Jill was just jealous of her and her success, did Bethenny succinctly respond, "People are desperate."

Having realized her mistake, Jill tried to smooth things over, later tweeting, “@bethenny we (bobby,ally and I ) will always be here if you need us. But you always knew that right? Ally told me you spoke. I was happy.”

Despite this latest bump in the road, is it possible a reconciliation is on the horizon for these two? Sound off below!

Source: US Magazine