We were pretty excited about Dina Manzo's appearance on last Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Not only did Bravo totally hype up what they insinuated would be some serious drama when Caroline Manzo's sister returned to the show, they made us wait two long weeks for it to happen!

Naturally, we popped our popcorn and poured our wine in anticipation and then anxiously waited for Dina to arrive. And we kept waiting. And waiting. Finally, the long-legged blonde made her entrance at the very end of the episode. Things started off promising when Dina took a stumble in her stilettos, but we soon realized the "drama" would be nothing more than a civilized conversation between her and Teresa Giudice.

Did their friendly chatter really require the impending-doom music they used in the preview? Seriously, they named the episode after her; you'd think she would have had more than a few minutes of airtime.