Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Melissa and Joe Gorga Show Off Their Summer Style

It's no secret that Teresa Giudice of the The Real Housewives of New Jersey is about as crazy as crazy gets, but could there be some truth sneaking into the web of lies constantly spewing from her mouth? Namely, does her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, talk in her husband's ear?

Since the beginning of time — that is, our time getting to know the Jersey ladies — Teresa has claimed that Melissa is the reason why her relationship with her brother has become so effed. At first, we weren't convinced, but we're starting to have second thoughts. Exhibit A: Melissa pressuring Joe to scream "Shame on you!" at Teresa following the Posche Fashion Show.

And, after watching the reunion, we have further evidence. Moving away from Teresa to keep her kids safe? It seems a bit drastic to us. Plus, when the idea came up that Teresa and her brother might work things out, Melissa got all angry and swore that even if that happened, she would never look at Teresa again.

Right, we're sure Joe's going to mess with that situation.

Your thoughts?