Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Lauren and Caroline Manzo Smile on the Fourth of July

A few months ago, Caroline Manzo’s daughter Lauren opened up about her controversial decision to get lap band surgery in order to lose weight, and while we admire Lauren for her bravery and candidness, others have not been so kind.

Throughout her time on The Real Housewives of New Jersey — and especially this season — viewers have watched Lauren struggle to shed the pounds with countless diets and exercise routines.

Frustrated with her lack of progress, Lauren chose to get lap band surgery last fall (where a band is literally placed on your stomach, effectively shrinking it), and has lost upwards of 30 pounds, but has since been harassed on Twitter for her decision.

On August 1, Lauren tweeted, “It makes me laugh when someone tweets me & says LAP BAND like its something that would make me upset - its not an insult - nor do I feel insulted.”

“If I were ashamed of the lap band I wouldn’t have gotten it-so calling me Lauren lap band manzo isn’t insulting,” Lauren continued

We’re super proud of Lauren for standing up for herself. Don’t let the haters get you down, L! You’ve worked so hard and you look amazing!

Do you support Lauren’s decision to get lap band surgery?