Credit: Splash News Photo: Teresa Giudice Goes Sgopping in New Jersey

Much has been said and written about Joe and Teresa Giudice’s financial situation, and although the couple did file for bankruptcy in the past, Teresa is now setting the record straight as far as their finances are concerned. Let's just say their bankruptcy issue is far from resolved.

Although she has been pretty mum about it so far, Teresa opened up about her finances in one of her blogs written during Season 4, and according to T, bankruptcy “sucks.”

Teresa writes, “It’s a nightmare. If you have [filed for bankruptcy], you know exactly what’s going on and why and how terrible it is. And it takes a long, long time. As you saw in our lawyer meeting, we withdrew our petition for bankruptcy and are paying our creditors back.”

Yet, despite withdrawing their bankruptcy petition, Teresa acknowledges that their financial hardship is far from finished.

“It’s… still… not… final. I’m so sorry I can’t talk about it in detail (again!), because it’s not done, but the day it is, I will write a book and tell you all about it, I promise!”

Fabulicious and (Not) Bankrupt, that book will sell itself!

Do you think Tre is telling the truth?