When Teresa Giudice was on Anderson Live earlier today, she told him that she had considered going to the police after receiving what she described as “threatening” texts from Jacqueline Laurita.

Teresa’s claim caused Jac to go on a bit of a Twitter rant, which included talk of Jacqueline suing Teresa for defamation.

Jacqueline also tweeted several pictures of text messages she had sent to Teresa, proving that she never threatened her co-star.

Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Jacqueline Denies Threatening Teresa via Text

In one text message, Jac sympathizes with Teresa for having to deal with the Napa fight with her husband, Joe, in such a public manner. “Is this threatening?” Jacqueline wrote alongside the comforting text.

That text doesn’t seem threatening to us, and neither do any of the other messages Jacqueline shared, but so far we only have Jac’s side of this story. 

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