Credit: Twitter Photo: Jacqueline Laurita and Son Nicholas on New Year's 2013

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita has made it no secret that her youngest son, Nicholas, has been diagnosed with autism. We’ve been following Jac’s progress with the amazing three-year-old and the Jersey mom, who blogged for Parenting magazine last month, shared with readers that her 10-year-old son CJ is the greatest therapy that Nicholas can have for his condition.

“He’s the understanding, patient, loving big brother,” she writes. “It’s remarkable how he gets Nick to laugh and make good eye contact. Even more amazing, Nicholas calls CJ by name, which is just incredible to hear.”

While the RHoNJ mama was a bit skeptical about how her big boy CJ would take all the attention Nicholas receives (for both being the baby and autistic), but it turns out that CJ is just as resilient.

According to Jac, CJ is a great role-model for his little brother by showing him how to get dressed, brush his teeth, and the young guy even makes sure that the snacks Nicholas eats are within the tot’s diet. Best off all, when CJ learned that his brother would have problems talking because of his condition, he continued to treat his brother as he would any toddler.

“[W]hen I see the two brothers together, playing with blocks on the living room floor, I realize it was CJ who taught us to treat him like any other kid,” Jacqueline said. “He is the best therapist Nick could ever have.”

Now that’s the true meaning of brotherhood!

Source: Babble