Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Nick Laurita Hard at Work

Since her son Nicholas was diagnosed with autism about a year ago, Jacqueline Laurita has been tracking his progress, often tweeting updates to fans whenever her little one learns how to say another word.

And although Jac is holding out for the day when Nick will say, “I love you” again, she’s proud of every bit of progress he makes — no matter how small it may seem. Last week, Nick said “mommy” and Jacqueline couldn’t help but share her excitement.

On Nov. 18 Jacqueline tweeted, Tonight Nicholas said,’Mommy, come! Mommy come on, Mommy ...lollipop.’ (He knows how 2 get what he wants) Lollipops & cookies r his reinforcers.”

What’s more is that Jacqueline always remains confident in her son’s abilities, and she’s aware patience is important. 

“Nicholas can say some words now! No real functional language yet but he'll get there! We look 4ward 2 his accomplishments daily,” she shared on Nov. 18.

We look forward to hearing more about Nick’s progress, and can’t wait to read Jac’s articles in Parenting Magazine starting in February. Are you excited for Jac’s new venture?