Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Nicholas Smiles For Aunt Caroline Manzo

Now these are the Real Housewives of New Jersey news stories we like to hear! Jersey mama, Jacqueline Laurita, seems to have a lot to celebrate these days. Not only is her H’wives show premiering in less than a month (June 2 at 8 P.M. — set your DVRs), but her 3-year-old son Nicholas is doing really well in therapy!

Jacqueline tweeted out a photo of her baby boy’s progress report, with the caption: “Update on Nicholas.Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments along w/special diet, supplements & all his Therapies seem to be helping.”

As you know, Nick was diagnosed with autism when he was around 18 months old. Since then, Jacqueline’s has been on a mission to make sure that her son’s development wouldn’t be impeded by the disorder.

According to the photo, Nicholas has been doing extremely well:

“Nicholas has been calmer these past two weeks. His tantrums has decreased and his non-contextual vocalizations have been more manageable.He seems to be progressing a little faster in his programs as well. Great job Nick,” reads the progress report alongside a smiley face.

We had no doubt that Nick is doing just fine — judging by the numerous videos Jac’s posted of her kiddo being a whiz on his techno gadgets.

Great job Nick!