Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Joe and Teresa Giudice Relax in Mexico

Joe Giudice has never been the soft and cuddly type, but on this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey his macho man attitude seems to have taken a particularly nasty turn.

So far, Joe has insulted several members of wife Teresa Giudice’s family and, in one especially tense conversation, even threatened to leave her should she speak of her family again.

However, sources are telling Reality Tea that there is a reasonable explanation for Joe’s less than flattering behavior — the show!

A source reveals, “Joe’s behavior is off the wall due to all the TV pressure and family drama.”

Joe doesn’t like drama and never starts problems. He is quick to forgive and move on. Joe is not a mean person. His anger and frustration are a result of the show,” the source continued.

And just what specifically about the show is bothering Mr. Giudice?

The source claims, “[Joe] cannot stand all the back and forth and he cannot forgive Joey and Melissa [Gorga] for joining the show. Bravo wanted new cast members who would go up against Teresa and her own brother and sister in law sold her out.”

Do you think RHoNJ is to blame for Joe’s appalling behavior? Weigh in below!

Source: Reality Tea