Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Lauren Manzo Loves Skinnygirl

A lot of attention has been paid to Lauren Manzo’s weight loss following her lap band surgery, and while we love seeing pics of the newly svelte star enjoying her trimmer figure, Caroline Manzo’s only daughter recently got our attention for something that has nothing to do with her waistline.

The hardworking store owner was busy getting her boutique, Cafface, ready for Halloween last October, and what better way to prepare for the spooky season then to try on the merchandise!

In late Sept., Cafface’s Twitter handle wrote, “Practicing our special effects skills for Halloween at Cafface,” and included the above picture of a seemingly bald Lauren!

Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Lauren Manzo Goes Bald

We know it’s just part of a costume, but that’s pretty damn convincing!

However, given The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s history with sketchy bald guys, we prefer Lauren with a full head of hair.

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