Credit: Getty Images

According to the tabloids, it’s been a tough week for Melissa Gorga.

First, her ex-boyfriend claimed that she slept with him while married to her husband, Joe Gorga, — which is shaping up to be a significant part of next season’s storyline — and then there were rumors that the Gorgas were borrowing money just to afford their house.

Melissa first addressed the infidelity rumors in the Feb. 25 issue of Life & Style — maintaining that the allegations were “all talk” — but on Feb. 13, she went even further, denying everything on Twitter.

As always, Melissa even interjected a little humor into her tweet, writing,“I've been so busy partying, cheating, stripping and borrowing money. I'm exhausted!! What's next? I robbed a bank? #AllLies.” 

Clearly, Mrs. Gorga has had enough of all these rumors! 

Do you think there’s any truth to all of this gossip, or is it all manufactured drama? Weigh in below!