Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Melissa Gorga Gets Dolled Up For a Movie Premiere

Luckily for Melissa Gorga, her family is safe and sound post-Hurricane Sandy, but her homes weren’t spared by the storm.

A tree fell on her New Jersey mansion, and seeing that her shore house was even closer to the water, conditions there are even worse.

On Oct. 31, Melissa tweeted, “My shore house isn't doing good. :( my outdoor fireplace & my wave runner slip... No wave runner,” and included the above picture of the damage.

Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Damage at Melissa Gorga's Shore House

Yet Melissa and her hubby came together with neighbors, and Joe even helped them take care of fallen trees

“Joe walked up and down our street yesterday cutting down trees so people could get out of their driveways to get gas. #teamwork,” Melissa tweeted yesterday.

Props to Joe and Melissa for being such good neighbors. We hope their homes are repaired soon!