Credit: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for National Domestic Violence Project Photo: Lovebirds Melissa and Joe Gorga Work the Red Carpet

Melissa Gorga continually tries her hardest to keep things peaceful with Teresa Giudice and her family, but lately this h’wife has been more outspoken about her family issues than ever before.

In particular, Melissa chose to address — via her blog — Joe Giudice’s conversation with his wife, in which he insults the Gorgas and threatens to leave Teresa should she talk about them again.

Melissa wisely chose not to weigh in on how Joe Giudice spoke to Teresa during that conversation, but she did take issue with what was said about her family.

Melissa writes, “What I did notice was when Joe Giudice said he was sick of Teresa running back to tell him everything and that he would throw my in-laws out of his house if they defended their son.”

“This is exactly the point that my husband complains about all the time. He does feel like they [Teresa and Joe] constantly try to turn his parents against him and they constantly complain to his parents about us,” Melissa continues.  

While Melissa insists her family has wonderful weekly dinners with Joe’s parents, she still sympathizes with her husband’s situation.

“You can’t blame him, they are his parents too and he loves them, and he shouldn’t have to defend himself and his wife to his own parents because of what his sister and her husband are telling them.”

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