Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Lindsey Andrews Hangs Out With Lauren and Caroline Manzo

On last Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we and the Manzo clan finally met Albie’s mystery woman, Lindsey Andrews. As a New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader, we’re sure she’s is used to watching some trick plays on the field, but she better get ready because these housewives play dirty.

From Lauren’s jealous body snarking to Melissa’s tabletop dancing, the girl was a champ for even staying through the night, albeit with a vaguely terrified look permanently plastered on her pretty face.

Maybe we’re just protective over our Albie, or maybe we have nothing to worry about anymore, but we’re not quite sure if the Rhode Island native has got what it takes to handle this Jersey crowd!

What do you think: Is Lindsey a great catch or kind of a dud?