Credit: Richie Buxo / Splash News Photo: Ramona Singer at the Bravo Upfront 2012

Outspoken New York housewife Ramona Singer recently weighed in on Anderson Cooper’s treatment of Teresa Giudice during her appearance on his show last week, and you may be surprised to learn that learn that Ramona isn’t siding with her fellow Bravo-lebrity.

While Anderson took some heat for seemingly “bullying” Teresa because of her behavior on The Real Housewives of New Jersey — he even invited Tre back on his show so he could apologize the next day — Ramona doesn’t think he did anything wrong in the first place.

She tells Radar Online, “I actually watched the show, he said 'Teresa you resorted to telling Caroline that she has three rolls of fat or something like that or that she needs a face lift.' Teresa was commenting and he said 'What’s wrong with you?' and she said 'Well did you hear what she said to me?' And he said 'Well what are you 12 years old?’”

“And you know what? He was right!,” Ramona concluded.

Ramona has had her fair share or arguments with her own co-stars this season, but do you think she was right to support Anderson’s behavior with Tre? Vote below!

Source: Radar Online