Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Teresa Giudice Hits the Beach With Joe

Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, are so eager for a son to join their brood of four daughters that Juicy even told his wife (who doesn’t want to get pregnant again) that he would hire a surrogate to carry their baby boy.

Teresa — who is apparently fine with the whole surrogacy thing — has already picked out a name for her hypothetical son with a sweet family connection.

So what moniker does Tre wish to bestow upon her little prince?

“Franco,” she tells In Touch, “after my father-in-law.”

We were a little surprised that Tre didn’t chose Giuseppe (Joe for short) in honor of her own father, but then we remembered that her brother, Joe Gorga, beat her to the punch by naming his now-2-year-old son Joey. Ya snooze, ya lose!

And while we love that Teresa is thinking ahead, do you think it’s a little strange of her to pick out a name for a child who hasn’t even been conceived yet? Tell us your thoughts below!