Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Antonia Gorga Smiles With Her Christmas Presents

Teresa Giudice’s relationship with Melissa Gorga has almost always been fraught with tension, but even during their darkest times, the sisters-in-law always made sure that their children saw each other on a regular basis.

Despite some tense moments between the matriarchs during Season 4 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, all seemed well when Antonia would play happily with cousins Milania and Gabriella, but as Teresa and Melissa’s relationship has continued to disintegrate, so has their kids’ relationships with each other and things don’t seem to be letting up in Season 5.

A close family source tells In Touch that since Tre alienated herself from her family during the Season 4 Reunion, “the cousins barely see each other anymore due to all the bad blood between the families.”

However, despite the anger and frustration felt by both sides, we were happy to see Melissa and her children on hand to celebrate Gia’s birthday a few weeks ago — at least there is still some contact between the families!

Do you really think the cousins are being kept from seeing each other, or is something else going on? Sound off below!

Source: In Touch