Credit: Nino Munzo/Bravo Photo: Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5: Teresa Giudice

As you know, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has her hands in a lot of businesses: she’s got her Fabellini beverage line, her Milania hair care product line, and of course, her New York Times bestselling cookbooks. Well, it looks like Teresa’s a bit worried that her fourth book, Fabulicious!: Teresa's Italian Family Cookbook, will not join the other three on the NYT Best Sellers list.

“Things that don't make me happy: when books are released early & don't count toward the NYT bestseller list. :( #FabGrillOutTooSoon,” Teresa tweeted on April 26.

The book, which was originally set for release on May 7, is now currently up for grabs and the sales of the book now won’t count towards Teresa’s chances of landing back on the coveted list.

“I need your help dolls! Please try not to buy Fabulicious:On The Grill until May 7 or it won't count toward the NYT list. Thank you!!!!! xx”

Teresa’s found lots of success with her books, but it’s also landed her in a bit of hot water. When Teresa wrote about co-star Caroline Manzo in her cookbook, Fabulicious, a feud was born between the two Italian Jersey H’wives and things went downhill from there. However, according to most of the ladies, Season 5 of the show will see friendships mending, and relationships building once more.

We can’t wait to watch, but you’ll have to wait to buy Teresa’s book if you want to see her hit the NYT Best Seller list.

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