There’s no one who knows more about the rumor mill than Teresa Giudice, but this time around, she killed ‘em with kindness!

Though she was reportedly “furious” that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Vanderpump was selected for Season 16 of Dancing With the Stars instead of her, the H’wife’s latest tweets say otherwise.

Today, she tweeted at Lisa, writing:

And the sweet tweet trend continued with Lisa’s reply. She wrote, “@Teresa_Giudice well thank you darling, I can hardly touch my toes right now, I see you are still kicking my arse on Ryan Seacrest poll!”

Aww. Well, apparently these ladies are perfectly capable of having fun, playful banter without things getting ugly. We love it!

Do you think reports about Tre were wrong, or is she just playing nice now? Sound off below!