Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Joe Giudice Poses With Daughter Gia

We all know Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is the queen of getting in everyone’s business. More often than not, Teresa’s had her nose in business that that didn’t belong to her, but this time, she’s putting her snooping skills to use on her own daughter, Gia and even monitor’s the pre-teen’s Twitter!

When Gia posted a throwback photo on Twitter of her mother playing softball, the tweenager tweeted on April 30:

“Omg.. My mom played softball. 😯 #lmfao @Teresa_Giudice

Little did the junior Jersey socialite know, her mother responded to the tweet and even gave her daughter a digital talking to!

Credit: Twitter Photo: Flashback Photo of Teresa Giudice Playing Softball in 1986

@TrueGia don't say "f"! It's lmao for you. Wait don't say "a" either. How about lmbo?” Teresa tweeted to Gia on May 1.

Jeez. Looks like Gia can’t even sneak in an abbreviated cuss word or two! But, kids will be kids, and Gia definitely didn’t feel too jilted by her mom correcting her tweet for the Twittervese to see.

@Teresa_Giudice uh hu mom what ever floats ur boat...” Gia responded.

Looks like the only way Gia’s gonna sneak a “bad word” by her mom is if she mumbles it into her pillow at night.

Do you think Teresa was right to correct Gia’s Twitter lingo? Tell us below!