Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Milania Giudice Gives Joe a Hug

Teresa Giudice may have gotten frisky with her hubby just moments after he berated her on-camera and in front of her friends (we’re still scratching our heads about that one), but she’s starting to realize that Joe’s behavior in Napa was entirely unacceptable … sort of.

Amidst discussing her husband’s recent tirade with In Touch, Teresa candidly revealed, “He has a black cloud over him.”

When Joe saw Sunday’s episode  sometime last week, Teresa admits that he initially tried to deny his behavior, but when Teresa stood up to him and said “You never speak to me like that at home. Why would say those things on national TV?” he was “ashamed.”

Teresa also claims that Joe has since apologized to “all our friends.”

Despite Teresa’s acknowledgement of Joe’s terrible behavior, she knows that she has to hold her head up high and keep trudging along for the sake of her four daughters. “We’ll get past this, we have to.”

Source: In Touch