Credit: KmJ/Splash News Photo: Teresa Giudice Had a Tanning Mishap

Real Housewives of New Jersey isn't known for being one of the tamer of the Real Housewives franchises, which is probably the reason resident table-flipper Teresa Giudice was chosen to be NeNe Leakes' follow-up Real Housewives personality on this season of Celebrity Apprentice.

As we all know, the pampered celebs constantly complain about the grueling shooting schedule, and we have an inkling production may purposefully deprive them of sleep for pot-stirring purposes. But, after a turn in the boardroom, Teresa reveals which reality show boasts cattier co-stars.

"I did find Apprentice being cattier [than Real Housewives], because you're with a bunch of people you've just met for the first time," she told US Weekly.

"You really don't care what the other person thinks of you and if you say something, you'll just say it."

Well, that's one way to act professionally...

Perhaps not the most persuasive speaker among the H'Wives, Teresa admitted, "I don't know how much fun [doing the show] was, but after doing it, I don't regret it."

And, for the record, she doesn't think The Donald's hair is that bad in person, either.

Source: US Weekly