Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Joe Giudice Poses With Daughter Gia

Much has been said about Joe Giudice’s terrible behavior in Napa on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and while many have expressed how they felt terrible for Teresa Giudice following the incident, little has been said about how the couple’s four daughters are coping with what happened.

In her blog from earlier this week, however, Teresa acknowledges that Joe was not a suitable example for his children, among other things. She writes, “But no matter what the circumstances were, it's not OK that he talked to me like that. It's not OK for our relationship, it's not OK as an example for our daughters, it's not how I want to be spoken to or will be spoken to by anyone.”

Teresa echoed those same sentiments in her In Touch interview, revealing, “Any guy who comes around is never going to speak to my daughters that way.”

Teresa may not be prepared to leave Juicy Joe, but we’re glad she’s taking a stand for her daughters!

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