Credit: Peter Kramer/Bravo Photo: Teresa Giudice Strikes a Pose in NYC

While Caroline Manzo was busy predicting the sad future of the Giudice’s marriage, Teresa Giudice was seemingly insulting another housewives’s empire.

During a visit to a winery to perfect her Fabellini on last Sunday’s episode, Teresa remarked that she didn’t want her cocktail to taste “diet-y," like Bethenny’s Skinngirl drinks.

While the remark may have come off as an insult, Teresa insists that she was not trying to discredit Bethenny’s brand.

“I was not in any way slamming the Skinnygirl brand! Bethenny did an amazing job building her brand from Bethenny Bakes to Skinnygirl, and I've always supported her and all the other Housewives with their businesses.”

As for her poor choice of words, Teresa explains, “I was talking about how I picked the taste for the formulation of my Fabellini, and mentioned that I don't like things that taste 'diet-y.'"

“I have nothing but love for the other Housewives and their products. Nothing but love. Even though they all don't have that for me, I want them all to be successful and happy,” she concludes.

What do you think of Teresa’s comments: Were they below the belt or just poorly articulated?