Credit: Peter Kramer/Bravo Photo: Teresa Giudice Strikes a Pose in NYC

Call her crazy and unstable, but you can't deny that Teresa Giudice is as entertaining as it gets when it comes to The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Our favorite moments, when she's not flipping tables, that is, are the subtle little snippets of "wisdom" she shares with us.

Teresa's freakishly-low hairline may claim brunette, but her ditzy comments scream blonde. Here are her top 5 blondest moments thus far this season.

5. Physical Therapy?

When Joe Gorga suggests that he and his sister should seek the professional help of a shrink together, Teresa explains to Jacqueline Laurita that her brother wants to do physical therapy with her. Sigh.

4. The West?

As the gang heads out to California, Teresa shares her excitement over all the Native American culture they're about to experience. You know, because they are in the West. Right?

3. Civil Rights? 

During their trip to Chicago for Caroline Manzo's brother's wedding to his partner, Joe Teresa wondered if it was actually a real wedding since gay marriage is not yet legal there. No, Teresa concluded, it's a civil rights.

2. Hurricane?

Just as the Franklin Lakers are heading out to Napa, Hurricane Irene is heading east. Teresa's not sure what this phenomenon is exactly — a lot of rain and windy, she thinks. It must be nice living in that bubble of nonsense.

1. Kate ... Hudson?

Back to the garden wedding in Chicago, Teresa was so proud of her choice of hat that she felt that the princess herself would wear it ... Kate Hudson. Wow, this is one department where we'd expect Tre to know her stuff.