Credit: Andrei Jackamets/Bravo Photo: Kathy Wakile Talks to Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita

The ladies all tried some new things this week Kathy Wakile entertained the idea of becoming the next Mrs. Fields, Melissa danced and half sang her way to stardom and Teresa took a backseat to her children. Of course they had a lot to say about it all, so read on for the top five tweets of the week!

1. Jacqueline Laurita: “I just grossed out Albie & Christopher by rubbing the excess oil from my hands that came from the wings on my elbows. Lol!! (No more napkins!)”

We’re sure they’ve done WAY grosser things.

2. Caroline Manzo: “Just had dumpster delivered this makes me happy basement, garage clean up underway :O) “

Ones man’s trash … ?

3. Melissa Gorga: “10 year old goes in a limo.. My hubby drives me.. Lol..”

Where else will she have enough room to mock you?   

4. Jacqueline: “Hey @Laurenmanzo u did an excellent job on my spray tan at @Cafface !I look like I have a tan. Next time I'll take my spanx off while u spray” 

Spanx and spray tans may not be the best combo. 

5. Teresa Giudice: “Don't people in Jersey just love a party?” 

Really, we hadn’t noticed!