Credit: Photo via Twiter Photo: Melissa Gorga Jokes Around on a Stripper Pole

This week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey brings us to the legendary Posche Fashion Show, where Melissa Gorga is confronted by a man from her past who insists that the h'wife used to work for him ... as a stripper.

Rumors that Melissa worked as a stripper before meeting Joe have been swirling around for months, but Melissa wants viewers to know that she never stripped.

Melissa admits that she did work at Lookers Gentleman’s Club in New Jersey, but insists she never took her clothes off.

Meliss even went so far as to dig up old payroll sheets to prove that she was just a “bar maid” and never a stripper.

Club owner Chris Kontos stands by Melissa’s story, stating that she "worked solely in the capacity as a bartender."

Melissa may adamantly deny her stripper past, but she has no problem having a little fun at her own expense. Several months ago she tweeted the above picture of herself dancing on a pole and wrote, “Let's put those rumors to rest!!! Hahaha!”

Work it, girl!

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