Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Photo: Dina Manzo Smiles at an Event in New York City

We were under the impression that The Real Housewives of New Jersey was the Manzos’ first foray into reality television, but boy were we wrong!

It turns out Dina Manzo (Caroline Manzo’s sister) and her fiance Tommy Manzo (Albert’s brother) were featured on an episode of the VH1’s reality show My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding, which followed couples as they planned their over-the-top nuptials.

And the below video is especially interesting given the couple's recently announced their separation. 

In the episode Dina reveals that despite Tommy’s wandering eye — he cheated on her a few times — she still loves her man, who happens to work alongside his brother (and Caroline’s hubby) Al at The Brownstone.

While Dina’s wedding-related meltdowns are entertaining to watch, be sure to keep an eye out for a particularly thin Caroline, little Lexie, and the various other Manzos and Lauritas we’ve come to know and love on RHoNJ!

And given Tommy's wandering eye, does it seem like the marriage was destined to fail from the start? Vote below! 

Credit: VH1 Photo: Watch Dina Manzo's Wedding (VIDEO)