Credit: NBC Photo: Rich Wakile Enjoys Napa

Apparently, the latest trend on The Real Housewives of New Jersey is to rock out with your, um, "business" out. This week, we were privy to not one, but two displays of Jersey junk.

Joe Gorga whipped out "Tarzan" in an attempt to impress Chris Laurita, only to have Chris belittle him by musing, "That's what you've been bragging about all this time? It's like a regular penis but smaller." Joey basically challenged him to a sword fight, but Chris fortunately declined.

Meanwhile in the Wakile's RV, Richie capitalized on some morning wood by inappropriately coming on to Greg before gleefully frollicking around, his half-mast jostling in all directions. Bravo attempted to blur out the traumatizing image ... if only we could erase it completely from our minds.

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