Credit: Splash News Photo: Kim D. and Teresa Giudice at Thirst Lounge

Sometimes friend, sometimes foe, Kim “D” DePaola is always entertaining when we see her on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. But, who exactly is the woman who helped to orchestrate the infamous Melissa Gorga confrontation last season? 

Surprisingly, Kim actually has a career outside of dramatically revealing castmates’ stripper pasts! She is the owner of the New Jersey clothing boutique, Posche (and now Posche 2 as well)  so it’s safe to say we can thank her for a large portion of the show’s animal print and rhinestone jewelry.  

And, fun fact, she’s also the sister-in-law of the other well-known New Jersey Kim, Kim “G.” Granatell! 

And now that it’s rumored she will be a “friend” of the H’wives for Season 5 (i.e. getting a lot more screen time) next season, we should probably know as much as we can about the drama stirrer!