Credit: Andres Otero/ Photo: Melissa Gorga Dons a Peplum Dress in New York

All season long we have been watching Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice try to mend their relationship (although some may be trying harder than others), and while they made some progress thanks to a conversation at Antonia Gorga’s sixth birthday party which was shown on last week’s episode there’s now a new b-day controversy to deal with.

Earlier this week, entertainment blog Reality Tea posted an exclusive interview with an unnamed source who had plenty of dirt on little Antonia’s birthday.

According to said source, Melissa only had a lavish party for her only daughter because the cameras were present. “Melissa never throws her kids big parties. Her boys have never even had a birthday party.”

“The baby had no 1st birthday and no 2nd birthday party! Not even cake at the house,” the source went on to say.

When Melissa got word of this exclusive, she took to her Twitter to clear some things up. “Hey @Realitytea sources r lying again. Antonia's bday is in August! I always throw her big parties. Here’s her 1st bday,” Melissa tweeted along with a picture of her daughter’s birthday album.

Credit: Andrei Jackamets/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Joe, Antonia, and Melissa Gorga in The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 3, Episode 5: "Stick It"

Putting aside the fact that we doubt parents as loving as Melissa and Joe would neglect to throw their children birthday parties (or at the very least splurge for a Carvel ice cream cake!), the source had far more hurtful and damaging things to say.

Viewers may have noticed that Joe’s parents were absent from the shindig, and while the source insists Antonia’s paternal grandparents “weren’t invited,” Melissa provided a different (perhaps even more logical) explanation via Twitter.

“Oh & @Realitytea my In-laws came over the next day.. They apologized for not coming bc they didn't want to be around cameras...‪#realbday‬,” she tweeted.  

In conclusion, Melissa tweeted to her followers, “Now you know the truth! Love you guys! 💋#goodnight‬.”

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