Credit: Peter Kramer/ Bravo Photo: Caroline Manzos Powder Blue Dress: Hot or Not?

It's hard to imagine The Real Housewives of New Jersey without any of its five leading ladies. Each of the women truly brings her own unique brand of crazy to the flipped table.

But with rumors circulating that Caroline Manzo may be selling her Franklin Lakes mansion and embarking on her own talk show, we can't help thinking the sassy redhead may have one foot out the Bravo door.

Out of all the Housewives, we have to conclude that Caroline is probably the most rational one of the bunch (Kathy Wakile is actually related to Teresa Giudice, so she's automatically disqualified in any sanity contest). You can always count on her blunt tell-it-like-it-is personality to stabilize the circus that constantly surrounds her.

Then, again, she can blame it on the menopause, but Caroline does take the occasional sip from the Kool-Aid.

Here's the real question: Would you continue to watch Jersey Housewives without Caroline on the show?