Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images Photo: Rich and Kathy Wakile Are the Perfect New Jersey Couple

It was all fun and laughs on The Real Housewives of New Jersey this week when Kathy Wakile discovered an email to her son Joey containing nudie pics from one of his admirers. Yet sexting is a serious issue these days that can lead to girls' reputations getting ruined, and self-esteem going down the drain.

Kathy herself blogged, "Sexting is no joke, and I can't find any humor in it. But a mom is a mom is a mom."

However, it was Rich's reaction that got some raised eyebrows. His thoughts? He wished he could tell the young lady in question to "hold that thought" for three years, when he would make sure Joey called her up.

Jacqueline Laurita brought up an interesting point in her blog: "I wonder if Rich would have been as laid back about an email like that if it had been his daughter at the age of 15 sending her private pictures to some guy on the internet. Somehow, I doubt that," she wrote. Touché. 

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