Credit: KID/Splash News Photo: Teresa Giudice Dines With Kim D. on September 11, 2012

Now that the Posche Fashion Show has come to an explosive conclusion, we only have one question for you loyal viewers: Did Teresa Giudice set up Melissa Gorga?

Teresa has repeatedly denied setting up her sister-in-law, but the Season 4 finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey didn’t exactly make her look innocent. Between Angelo forgetting that his mike was on (seemingly outing Teresa and Kim D. as the forces behind this plan to take Melissa down) and Pete Giudice congratulating Teresa on a “good job”, thing aren’t looking great for Team Tre.

That said, we never actually heard Teresa say anything about setting Melissa up. When she first met Angelo and he started talking about Melissa’s past as a stripper, Teresa excused herself and left the room.

The housewives may think Teresa is guilty, but we’d like a little more proof.

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