As always, The Real Housewives of New Jersey provided lots of comedy for our viewing pleasure during this week's Season 4 premiere. The biggest laughs, however, were courtesy of two of the supporting cast members.

First up, little Milania Giudice cracked us up when she called her sister a pooper, then declined to apologize because she was chewing gum. Even funnier was her awed expression when she watched her father haul a huge tarp on top of their SUV. "You're like a dragon!"

Then, how about Kathy Wakile's sister, Rosie? When everyone was bitching about their problems with Teresa Giudice, Rosie explained why her and Teresa are cool: "I always got along cause I'm not a threat to her. I'm chubby, she's skinny... she's got beautiful long hair, I've got short hair... she got a big *bleep* glamorous house, I live with my mother, so I'm not a threat to her." The guys were crying by the end of her speech.

Here's hoping we hear more from both of these budding comedians. Who made you laugh the hardest? Vote in our poll below!