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It’s never particularly clear which side of the political divide our favorite Real Housewives stars fall on, but new The Real Housewives of New York cast member Aviva Drescher makes her opinion of the Republican candidate for Vice Presidency, Paul Ryan, crystal.

Ryan recently defended his pro-life stance when it comes to women’s rights. As CNN pointed out, “Ryan defended a bill he co-sponsored last year with [‘legitimate rape’ Congressman Todd] Akin and other House Republicans that bestowed ‘personhood’ rights on fertilized embryos, which would allow states or Congress to determine the legality of abortions.”

Aviva tells HollywoodLife that she finds Ryan’s view “repulsive.”

“I think that it’s a repulsive statement,” the statuesque blonde says. “The woman’s right to her own body is theirs and I’m completely, completely pro-choice.”

Whether or not you agree with the politics, is it refreshing or just annoying to hear a reality star’s vehement opinion on the Presidential election and the candidates’ various policies?

We think, in this case, it’s rather fantastic.

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Source: CNN, HollywoodLife

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