Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel has now officially filed for divorce from her husband Jason Hoppy, and as a result of the news she’s been getting a lot of feedback (good, bad, and ugly) from fans and haters alike.

While she’s kept relatively mum on the issue on Facebook and Twitter - preferring instead to tweet about the likes of books, cooking and her daughter Bryn – she finally addressed both her supporters and haters at once.

On Saturday (January 5), she tweeted, “To those of you who are being supportive: thank you. To those of you who are judging: I totally get it.”

The message might not have quite gotten across then, though, because she spoke up once again today (January 7) with, “I need a little break from unsolicited advice today. Let's all just lighten it up even if just for a few hours.”

Oh, the woes of being a public figure. Everyone thinks they know your beeswax.

Source: @Bethenny, @Bethenny