Credit: Facebook

Here’s a very young Bethenny Frankel on the set of the early ’90s hit high school show Saved By the Bell, long before her Real Housewives of New York days.

She tweeted the image with the caption, “This is when I was a P.A. on ‘Saved by the Bell.’ Everybody starts somewhere.

Bethenny wrote about her earliest days in the biz, working as a PA on an unnamed TV show in her book Skinny Dipping, and in the novel she hinted that two of the show’s female stars weren’t very nice to her on the set.

Now that we know which show it was she worked on, any guesses which of the gals may have mean-girled Bethenny Frankel back in the old days? There are only three to pick from, so you’ve got a 100% shot of getting at least one of the names right!

Source: Twitter