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Despite her many concerns over editing and pre-taping issues, Jill Zarin’s much-anticipated interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live about why she was fired from Real Housewives of New York seemed to go relatively well for her.

Whether she liked the answers he had for her or not, after the show aired Jill tweeted thanks to Andy for the interview and added that even her mother wasn’t mad at him anymore. Andy quipped back to her, “for now!” and all seemed cheeky and copacetic.

Unfortunately, this mini-détente didn’t last long at all.

Jill later took to the social network to respond to Andy’s other tweet about being anxious to find out why Jill thought he favored co-star Bethenny Frankel over her since he “go[es] to great lengths to treat the Housewives equally” by pointing out his product placement of Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Cocktail line on WWHL.

Oh andy! I forgot to mention the skinnygirl bottle behind your head for one year on WWHL. How do u think i felt?” she wrote.

Hilariously, though her name’s been all over this matter, Bethenny herself stayed radio silent about the episode – though she did make one seemingly pointed remark on her Twitter page yesterday, writing “Does it ever amaze you what desperate people will do to stay relevant?”

Point. Set. Match.

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