The Singer family — Ramona, Mario and Avery — got a little more than they bargained for during a vacation trip to Florida in this Throwback Thursday pic the Real Housewives of New York star posted on Twitter.

Avery, just thirteen at the time, found herself in the jaws of, well, Jaws himself as mommy and daddy hilariously tried to rescue her from a toothy grave. Aw it’s all just in good clean fun of course, and the shark is totally fake, but their little show definitely made for one memorable shot!

The funny thing is, by our math (Avery’s now eighteen) this had to have been taken about five years ago — so, around 2007 — when it was Ramona who would soon find herself navigating some shark-infested waters a la RHONY Season 1. Ba-zing!

Source: @RamonaSinger

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