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Ah, ToasterGate. Is it over yet? Not quite. There’s still one more thing left to say about the overcooked subject: “Sorry.”

Sonja Morgan got an earful from co-star Heather Thomson after the Real Housewives of New York Season 5 Reunion Part 2 episode where she dissed the design Heather made her (for free) by producing fan-submitted artwork which she said more clearly matched her vision. Heather slammed Sonja for her poor form and said that she was insulted by the brazen move.

While Sonja’s not quite taken back her little “sexy j” cards incident on the reunion altogether, she has stepped up to apologize to Heather for expecting so much from her in the first place.
In her latest Bravo blog, Sonja wrote, “I expected too much in too little time while getting to know a new friend. For that I'm sorry.”

Sonja added that she thinks Heather would be willing to work with her on the product again some time and said, “I think she understands I was hurt and felt my opinions weren't being valued.”

Is Sonja’s apology enough to make up for all the burns Sonja’s inflicted this season?

Source: Bravo

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