Credit: Bravo

On The Real Housewives of New York Season 5, Episode 17: “Don’t Make Room For Daddy”, Sonja Morgan tried to reconcile with her ex-husband, an emotional meeting she had been looking forward to in the last episode. But BFF Ramona Singer’s warnings to Sonja to keep her emotions out of it turned out to be good ones.

Sonja says that she went into the meeting thinking “he wanted to be a co-parent again.” She admits that “it was sort of a fantasy,” and that “everything I envisioned, it was the opposite.”

There was, of course, the financial aspect to deal with as well. Thanks to a recent lawsuit, Sonja claims that she can barely afford to keep her New York City townhouse, which she was apparently given in the divorce. But now, Sonja says that her ex-husband offered (through his lawyers) “not even close to what I need to keep my house. I can’t keep this house.”

Do you think Sonja will really need to sell the home her daughter grew up in? Or will she and her ex find a way to reach an agreement? All we know so far is that it looks complicated.

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