Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer seems to pride herself on not acting a day over thirty, for better and for worse, and she proved she’s still in with the young crowd on New Years Eve (December 31) by chumming with her teenage daughter Avery and some of her friends.

Yep, Ramona posed alongside three very young blondes for this Twitter picture, and while she’s got several decades on the other gals, her outfit is nearly as short and tight-fitting as theirs are. And frankly, she looks pretty darn great, too.

Ramona was also pictured with a few fellow adults, including hubby Mario Singer, in another shot from their vacation in Anguilla … but still, knowing what we do about Ramona, she’s probably pretty proud to fit right in with these young ladies on camera. Meow!

Source: @RamonaSinger