It's pretty much impossible to watch Real Housewives of New York and not realize Sonja Morgan is recently divorced. But who exactly is her ex-husband? Here are five need-to-know facts about John Adams Morgan.

1. He is J.P. Morgan's great-great grandson. Yes, J.P. Morgan the famous financier. John is related to him on his father's side; his father was Henry Sturgis Morgan, a wealthy and successful banker. Hey, the Housewives crowd isn't elite for nothing!

2. He is also the great-great-great grandson of John Adams. This comes from his mother, Catherine Adams. Talk about pedigree.

3. He's 33 years older than Sonja. This is just a fact we feel is worth noting.

4. He and Sonja met while she was working at a restaurant. Sonja was a hostess at  San Pietro in Manhattan when she met John, according to Starcasm.

5. He is worth an estimated $100 Million. John stuck with the family tradition and went into business. According to, he is worth an estimated $100 million. However, according to Sonja, he's stingy with his wealth, at least when it comes to supporting his ex-wife.

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