Things are getting real for a certain Real Housewives star. 

TMZ is reporting that former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lynne Curtin is almost completely out of money, per legal documents that Lynne has filed in her divorce in an effort to get hefty spousal support. 

According to the documents, Lynn is down to only $100 left in total assets. Yikes! She says she only earns $250 a month  which comes out to a mere $3,000 a year  from her jewelry business. 

Credit: Bravo

As for expenses, Lynne claims to spend $515 a month, which isn't much but is more than she takes in. 

Back in happier times, Lynne appeared with husband Frank on Seasons 4 and 5 of Real Housewives. She filed for divorce from Frank in December, and she says she had to get a loan to pay the divorce attorney. 

Lynne was hit with a tax lien by the IRS for $30,000 in unpaid 2009 taxes, but she says Frank is responsible for that.

 The couple has had more than their share of issues over the years. Bravo's cameras were rolling when they were evicted from their Laguna Beach rental property in 2009.

We're wishing them both the best moving forward and hope that Lynne can get back on her feet.

Source: TMZ